Manufactured Home FAQs

Manufactured Home Tax is assessed by the Clermont County Auditor and taxes are collected by the Clermont County Treasurer for the current year.

Manufactured Home taxes are due semi-annually. If a taxpayer is unable to meet his/her tax obligation, the Clermont County Treasurers Office is willing to work with taxpayers to establish a payment plan. For more information on Delinquent Manufactured Home Contracts please call 513-732-7254.

What is manufactured home tax for?

Manufactured home tax is similar to real estate tax. The County Auditor assesses each manufactured home in the county. If the manufactured home is in Clermont County as of January 1 of the current year, taxes are then due to the county.

Why do I have to pay these taxes? I don’t own the land that my manufactured home sits on.

The taxes are strictly on the manufactured home. The property owner is billed separately for their real estate tax.

Why do I have to pay the entire year tax when I am selling the home early in the year?

The law states that taxes must be paid for the whole year before we can apply the transfer stamp to the face of the title.

Why do I have to pay Clermont County taxes when I moved my manufactured home to a different county at the beginning of the year?

The law states that wherever the manufactured home is located as of January 1 of any year, that county is due that year’s taxes.

When I sell my manufactured home; do I have to do any more than having my signature notarized on the back of the title?

When you sell your manufactured home it is important that the title is transferred out of your name, otherwise, you will still be listed as the legal owner of the home.