Monthly Escrow Program

The Treasurer’s Monthly Escrow Program is a plan that eases the strain of semi-annual real estate tax payments for residential/commercial property by helping you budget your taxes into monthly payments.  There is no service charge, the Treasurer’s Monthly Escrow Program is free.  This program is not available for past due taxes, please contact our delinquent department for payment contract information.

Here is how the escrow program works.  Twice a year, mid-March and mid-August, coupons are sent out.  The March coupons are based on a five-month cycle.  The August coupons are based on a six-month cycle.

You may pay more or less than the coupons say but the end result is your half year tax must be paid in full by the due date each time.  A tax bill will also be sent out and it will reflect the remaining balance due.

Please note that the August cycle of coupons will reflect a slight increase in your tax amount but it may not be the actual amount as the taxes are not calculated until December.

If you would like more information about this program, call 513-732-7713 or submit the enrollment form online.