Real Estate FAQs

I received my tax bill in the mail. It was supposed to go to my bank. What do I do?

This most commonly happens if you refinanced, or in any way changed the information on your tax bill. First, do not worry. Your tax agent probably knows they owe the taxes and will usually pay them anyway. To correct the mailing of the bill, ask your bank or lender to request in writing a change of mailing from the Treasurer’s Office. This must be in writing to conform to the law.

Where do my taxes go?

Most of your taxes go to support the schools in your district. If you will refer to the Tax Rate Table, you will see your taxes expressed in mills for your district and where they go.

When are my taxes late?

The day after the due date on the current tax bill. There are no individual extensions.

If I mail my tax payment on the due date is it going to be late?

No, postal regulations state that the U.S. postmark (not a private meter postmark) of the due date is to be considered current. But if your check or money order is dated after the due date (sometimes called post-dating), it is late and a penalty will be added.

How much is the penalty?

Ohio Revised Code 323.121 requires a penalty of ten (10%) percent to be added to the current taxes due. If paid within 10 days after the due date 1/2 of 10% is charged.  If the taxes become a full year delinquent, the penalty is compounded and interest is added for a full year delinquency if not paid by December of that year.

What if I do not receive a bill – do I still have a penalty?

Yes. Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse or delay the payment nor does it excuse any penalty or interest. Taxes are mailed in January to be paid in February and again in June to be paid in July of each year. The due date is published in the Community Journal and The Clermont Sun approximately 10 days prior to the due date.

What happens if I do not pay my Taxes

If your taxes become delinquent more than a year and a half, the Treasurer will file with the County Prosecutor’s Office to sell the property at Sheriff’s auction.

Can I pay my taxes with my credit card?

Yes. You can pay your real estate, manufactured home and personal property taxes with a credit card or by eCheck via the telephone or the Internet. This service is provided by Official Payments Corp. (The same program used by the I.R.S.) All major credit cards are accepted. Before using this service you should be aware that there is a convenience fee charged by Official Payments Corp. for use of this system. This Fee is in no way charged by the Clermont County Treasurer’s Office.

Why are my taxes billed one year behind?

You pay for the time you lived in or owned the property – that would be last year. Since you have not lived in or owned the property for this full year, you do not pay for this year until next year.

What if I didn’t purchase the property until some time during the previous year?  Why am I getting a tax bill for the full year?

You should have been credited at the closing for the tax owing for the part of the year you did not own the property. You will need to check your closing documents to verify this fact. If you have any questions regarding your closing, you will need to contact your closing agent. Please understand that real property tax is attached to the real estate and not to the owner.

I sold my property but I received the tax bill.  What should I do with it?

As stated above, the owner of the record receives the tax bill and is responsible for the taxes. If at the closing of the sale of the property, you paid the taxes to the new owner, or to the closing agent, you may wish to call them or forward the bill.