Every effort is made by the Clermont County Treasurer’s Office to avoid Foreclosure proceedings to collect an outstanding balance on real estate or mobile home taxes.  If the taxpayer should fall behind, a two-year Delinquent Tax Contract may be available to properties that are owner occupied.

If the taxpayer does not set up a Delinquent Tax Contract or does not make the monthly payments and/or yearly tax payments as required by the Delinquent Tax Contract and the real estate taxes continues to be delinquent for at least one and a half years or longer, the account is forwarded to the Clermont County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to begin the foreclosure process.

At the time the files and tax bills are delivered to the Prosecutor, an additional $200.00 or more is added to the tax liability.  This fee covers duties performed by the Prosecutor’s Office prior to filing a complaint with the Clerk of Courts.

After the complaint is filed, a summons is delivered to the taxpayer by certified mail.  A copy of the complaint is sent to any party owning an interest in the property.  The taxpayer has 28 days to respond. As soon as the complaint is filed with the Clerk of Courts, additional fees accrue.

Assuming the taxpayer continues not to respond to the summons, a judgment entry is filed.  If the situation remains unresolved, an order of sale is placed on the parcel and is sent to the Clermont County Sheriff to schedule a sale date.  Once a sale date is scheduled, the local newspaper will advertise the sale three consecutive weeks prior to the sale.  You may also find a listing of sale properties on the sheriff’s website at

The taxpayer may redeem the property anytime prior to the filing of an entry confirming the sale.  Payoff must be made in full for all taxes, assessments, penalties, interest, fees, and court costs in order to redeem the property, dismiss the complaint and/or cancel a sheriff’s sale should the foreclosure action have proceeded that far.  Payoff must be received by certified funds.

Please contact the Clermont County Treasurer’s Office at 513-732-7715  for additional information.